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About Lisa

Studying at the universally renowned Birmingham School of Jewellery in the world famous Jewellery Quarter enabled me to develop my skills and experience. During this time I achieved both a HND and BA (Hons) in Jewellery & Silversmithing, attaining awards from the British Jewellers Association. I have a genuine love for designing and making jewellery, which culminated in me making my first piece of silver jewellery at the age of 12. Following University I undertook a training course at Bishopsland, South Oxfordshire where I was able to develop my ideas and notions further. More recently I have begun teaching children’s and adult jewellery workshops, in addition to exhibiting my work at various galleries throughout the country.

I intend the wearer to be able to relate to the ideas and notions expressed in my pieces in such a way that inspires the recollection of feelings and memories, which, in my opinion, are best evoked by instantly recognisable forms. With this in mind, I take my inspiration from memories that most people share, such as sitting in a field or a garden, picking flowers and making daisy chains. Ultimately, I hope my jewellery allows the wearer to recall the experiences of childhood. Reflecting romantic ideas and notions, my work also has a playful, witty dimension. Although I feel that my pieces should be worn, I want them to be viewed as miniature pieces of sculpture when they are not.